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Online Proposal System

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Online Proposal System
by ODL Tech Support - Wednesday, 30 October 2013, 11:46 AM


Please complete and print the appropriate Proposal Form (located Under Main Menu block - located on the left section of this page) for the delivery of your Module in UTechOnline for the Head of your department to approve and submit to our office.

Should you have any questions about this Module, please contact us using any of the follwoing media below:

Our contact Details:
Office of Distance Learning
Phone (
Straight Line) : 970-5197
Extensions: 927-1680 ext. 3136 / 2836 / 2037

Contact Persons:

  • Jeanette Bartley-Bryan (Dr.) - Associate Vice President
  • Everett Allen (Mrs.) - Instructional Design Specialist
  • Tanisha Lewis (Miss) - Technical / Admin Support
  • La-Tonia McKenzie (Miss) - Admin / Technical Support