This module is designed to provide student-teachers with relevant and ‘cutting edge’ information in their preparation for the 21st-century workplace. The seminars are to facilitate stimulating discussions that will expose student-teachers to current technological advancement, trends, social issues, and future developments affecting their area of specialization. 

 Learning and Teaching Approaches

The delivery of the seminars should take the form of presentations and discussions organized by the Lecturer and students. These presentations should involved guest lectures from industry personnel and students presenting their research assignments. Students are expected to conduct their own research to facilitate class discussions. Other methods that can be utilized include reviewing technology articles, viewing instructional videos, etc.

The areas to be researched by the students are to be identified prior to the start of the first (1st) seminar by the lecturer. However, students are expected to formulate their own research topic/title and submit a proposal for the approval of the lecturer. The proposal is equivalent to the first three chapters of a standard research paper. The research is to be conducted and presented in groups of five (5). The group must make an oral presentation and submit a report.

 NB. No student should be allowed to make an oral presentation and submit a research report without an approved proposal.