This course exposes the students to the foundations in engineering fundamentals and applications. The emphasis of this course is directed towards engineering principles which are enduring in their influence and usefulness. It is intended to give entering students some view of what engineers do professionally. Topics include: what is engineering , history of engineering, problem solving, engineering communication, system of units, tables and graphs, design and failures, Newton’s laws, Introduction to thermodynamics and rate processes.

Supplemental to the outlined topics are factors such as the importance of engineering in developing a better society, engineers as integral to the development of our technological society, the history of technological change, ethical problems encountered in the profession, and future challenges facing engineers will also be addressed in this module. Discussions of the various fields of engineering and career possibilities are featured and sample design problems are presented to introduce students to problem-solving methodologies required of engineers. The techniques of analysis and design are emphasized through elementary problems in a variety of engineering fields.