This course seeks to give students a general introduction to the field of Curriculum development, and then progressively introduce them to the specifics of Curriculum Development in Technical Vocational Education. The course will enable student teachers to critically analyze theoretical and practical issues pertinent to curriculum planning, development and implementation in Technical Vocational Education at the secondary level. Assignments and activities will give student teachers opportunities to develop skills in programmed/course planning and evaluation.

The module, Learning Theories and Practice EDU1004 is essential to any worthwhile teacher training programme. It is designed to examine various theories of how learners acquire and apply knowledge in the teaching/learning environment.  The module is designed to help participants become effective facilitators of the major concepts, approaches to, and theories of learning and their implications for classroom practice.  Student-teachers will also be exposed to a variety of factors that can affect learning and to strategies that will improve the learning experiences for individual learners within a local or global context.

This course is designed for student teachers to acquire the knowledge of managing the process of acquiring food and non-food material for production within foodservice facilities.  It also provides information needed to make sound selection and procurement decisions.  An overview of distribution systems supplier, payment policies, receiving and other laws governing the acquisition of quality foods is done.


This course will enable students to acquire more advance pattern making skills and combine them with those acquired in Garment Construction (CTD2007) to produce full-scale patterns suitable for industrial use.  They will also be given the opportunity to draft patterns for men’s wear and other garments made with knitted fabric.  Emphasis will also be placed on half scale toile preparation and assessment, fitting techniques and the preparation of pattern room documentations.