This module is designed to assist students in developing a working knowledge of the meeting and convention industry.  It will prepare students to competently plan, manage  execute and evaluate meetings and conventions.  Students will also examine issues facing the industry as well as investigate industry trends.

This course is aimed at developing the awareness of students to the skills that are needed by facilitators and managers when they are involved in food service establishment design and layout of equipment or the instruction of the principles that guide the theoretical and practical rudiments of foodservice facilities.. The course will also examine the role of professional input, life cycle costing, capital operations and maintenance costs for hospitality industry related facilities

This module will look at the principles of cost control systems commonly used in food and beverage entities. Its emphases will be on the implementation of these cost control systems in food and beverage entities without sacrificing product quality but maximizing profitability. This module takes both a theoretical and accounting approach.

This module examines the importance of preserving a region’s cultural and heritage resources and their use in maintaining interest in destinations. It will review visitors’ perceptions of cultural and heritage resources and their use in promoting knowledge, understanding and a favourable image. The influence of post emancipation history will also be examined.