This module examines issues related to law and politics.  The law aspects of the module will expose participants to the relevance of law and good governance in society. It  focuses on the importance of the classification of law, rule of law, separation of powers in government, the concept of justice and civil rights and liberties within the provisions of the constitution and introduce them to international human rights law .

The politics aspects of this module introduce participants to the study of politics. This aspect is designed to provide an overview on the basic definitions, concepts and approaches required for understanding politics and political science including political systems and systems of governments. 

This module is designed to provide an overview of the regulatory framework in which businesses operate in Jamaica. It will expose students to the legal requirements to set up business enterprises in a competitive environment. It focuses on legislation and regulations which govern businesses and the responsibilities of regulators. The module also deals with areas such as regulatory framework of financial institutions, electronic transactions and intellectual property