This module covers the theory and practice of cost and management accounting in relation to the small business enterprises and entrepreneurial activities. The module incorporates the principles of accounting with the application of management control techniques in the business environment described previously.  

This module deals with managing the finances of an organization from the stand point of the users of the organization. The module enables students to understand and use managerial accounting as well as basic finance information to make informed business decisions in the food service industries.

This course in one of two core courses to introduce students to the principles and concepts of financial accounting.

Intermediate Financial Accounting builds on the basic concepts and techniques taught in earlier accounting courses in order to develop knowledge and understanding of more advanced financial accounting concepts and principles. It is designed to expose the students to the theory and practice of financial accounting and to provide them with the essential tools for analyzing and reporting financial data.

primary objective of this course is to provide a basic understanding of
accounting as an aid to management decision making, controlling the day to day
activities of the firm and assisting in the planning of future activities.