This module is designed to provide participants with a general understnding of Moodle allowing them to explore basic resources and to develop an appreciation for the online environment.

Our focus has primarily been directed at training faculty members to identify and use the resources and activities of the learning management system. It has become evident that there is an equally pressing need for facilitator, instructors or tutors to be conversant with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to motivate students and manage online modules.

It is expected this workshop will introduce faculty members to the main elements involved in managing an online module.  At the end of the four-hour workshop, faculty members should be able to:


1.        Explain the basic role of the e-Tutor;

2.        Select and use the appropriate tools in the learning management system to effectively manage online classes;

3.        Select and use strategies to customise or personalise module in response to the needs, interests and competencies of students;

4.        Identify strategies for promoting  and monitoring  various levels of interaction in the online environment and

5.        Apply appropriate assessment, communication and feedback methods.

Prerequisites for Training
This workshop is offered at the intermediate level. Participants who attend this workshop should complete the Basic and Intermediate level training in use of the tools and features of MOODLE. Preference will also be given to those participants who are about to deliver blended or fully online modules.