The module will provide learners with knowledge of restorative dental services. Learners will be given the opportunity to provide support restorative services in simulated and clinical environments. A very practical course, learners should be able to translate simulations at chairside.

Human behaviour in the dental practice continues to be explored and social adjustment is practiced. Issues of anxiety, fear and pain are highlighted and management thereof. Oral care habits are looked at from a psychological management perspective. Learners will identify behavioural related issues in cases and demonstrate management of same.

The module is co-requisite to Pain & Analgesia and Behavioural Dentistry 1 is its pre-requisite.

The course provides a general overview of substance abuse and chemical dependency, and situations which facilitate and encourage drug usage. Emphasis is placed on over-use of substance by dental patients and practitioners, and the implication it has on administering and receiving treatment. It serves as a guide to developing students’ workforce skills in identifying signs and symptoms of substance abuse and drug dependency and effective patient and self- management.