Space in which students may create courses, as part of their training

Project Management has become an essential component for an organization attaining success. This module will equip the student with leading methodologies and practices noted within the profession. It will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of project management principles, through the planning of mock projects and the usage of project management tools.

The module is designed for business students who have experience in studying law at an introductory level.  It covers various topics relevant throughout the life of the company: from formation to; corporate responsibility, raising of capital, through administration/management; directors’ duties; shareholder’s remedies, culminating in issues arising where there is insolvent liquidation of a company. Having completed the module students should have an understanding of the role of the company as a form of business enterprise and a thorough understanding of the key aspects of its legal regulation.

This course is about students' engagement in the communication process in their daily interaction with peers, non-academic staff and teachers. It examines the use of language that is context appropriate with the aim of creating responsibe and confident oral communicators. The four major topics that the course addresses are:

  • Formal and informal Language
  • Addressing Peers
  • Communicating with adult staff
  • Electronic communication
  • Public Speaking


This course is designed to help grade ten students to acquire a better understanding of relations and functions in Mathematics and to prepare students to sit the CXC-CSEC Mathematics examinations. Students will focus on representing relations and functions in symbolic forms as well as graphically. They will also explore the use of relations, functions and graphs to solve real-world problems.

This module is important for students to know the rationale for having contracts. This is Part 1 of two parts and our focus in this module is on the essential ingredients of a contract