This course introduces participants to e-tutoring by defining etutoring and outlining the competencies required of etutors as compared to those required of tutors in the face-to-face setting. It discusses the role of the etutor and introduces participants to the use of both synchronous and asynchronous tools in the online experience. Techniques to enhance online collaboration are also explored.

This module was designed to equip learners with the ability to:

  • Describe considerations in selecting an instructional delivery system
  • Describe and explain the various factors that determine the resources used
  • Select appropriate student groupings and media for learning components of an instructional strategy
  • Develop an instructional strategy and select the appropriate resources to be incorporated in the instruction.

The Online Readiness and Orientation Module is designed to introduce course tutors to the knowledge and skills needed to be effective online facilitators. The module is divided into four units and will be delivered online. A variety of online tools will be used: electronic mail, chat sessions, discussion forum, and interactive quiz.